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Eileen Darby was the greatest photographer of the Golden Age of Broadway. Her photographs document hundreds of American theater classics from 1939 through 1965 with a candid photographic style that brought warmth and humanity to the budding stars who would become legends. Her work has been seen in media worldwide including television, books, magazines, newspapers, and museum collections.

Eileen Darby Images, Inc. was formed by the family of Eileen Darby to record, preserve, promote and make available the incredible catalog of her life's work. Enjoy!

Native Son
March 05, 1941

Based on the fantastic award winning novel by Richard Wright and directed by Orson Welles only two months before the release of his film masterpiece Citizen Kane. Starring Canada Lee as Bigger Thomas, a tormented black man in the slums of South Side Chicago wanted for killing a white woman. A powerful commentary on the American racial environment.


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